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It hurts when I loose my self respect 

But don’t bother it doesn’t  affect.. 

I’m the feline of god

Nothing can affect me

Not even this clod… 

Sometimes it feels bad

That the person use to love me

Start taking me as Brad… 

I became an ordinary gem 

From a priceless diamond 

Well I never  frighten.. 

I lived my good time

Now it’s time to feel the worse 

I don’t hope for the best

Because I don’t deserve… 

One thing that always abrupt 

Did I ever do wrong 

That u reacted like robust… 

Sometimes my tears rolled down 

But no one comes to wipe it 

Because I’m all alone… 

That’s fine I can manage everything 

I’m too strong 

To cope with whatever is happening…

Your gesture made me upset 

You ignored me like 

I’m your biggest regret… 

Nothing to say anymore 

The only thing that 

Don’t make me ignore 

Stop the war

Because you are my smile’s core… 


I made you a stranger 

But behind it there was a big reason.. 
I miss u like hell 

That my heart is stuck in a dark jail.. 
Whenever I think I did a big mistake 

Ur magical words makes me awake.. 
Sometimes I get hurt when I remember what made us live apart 

 And my mind as well as heart starts forcing me to restart… 

Then I remember what we had promised to each other

We will not for ask for anything further..

Please never get me wrong 

Never make me your enemy 

Even though we are strangers 

The connection between us 

is still heavenly… 

Whenever I sit alone u are in my mind

When I’m around people u are still in my mind.. 

I don’t know what the feeling it is

Whatever it is..

Making me blind… 

From the deepest of my heart

I want to tell you

We are never going to get apart.. 




Take it as a request or an order

I don’t want you to face any kind of disorder… 

Love is all about sharing 

So with a loving words 

I request you to be happy 

No worries No sadness 

A true smile on your face

That is the only base

Of my happiness…